Software Services

Our approach to recommending an accounting software solution is to review your current needs and to plan for your future needs. Accounting software is more than just a trial balance to give to your accountant at year end. It is a financial management system that you use to make good management decisions.

As part of our implementation, we will meet with you to design the best method of using a new accounting system. We will then work with you to import in your current data, train you and your staff to properly use the software and insure that information in the system is correct.

We have worked for over 15 years with companies to implement accounting software solutions.

We are certified and/or have a working knowledge of the following software products:

Have a software product not listed above? We can learn it and help you get it implemented.

How we have helped our customers:

We have designed an inventory product line system to better track inventory and give management the information they need to meet sales goals and plan for existing orders.

One of our customer’s old accounting software crashed on a Saturday. We had him invoicing his customers by Wednesday using a new system.

We have worked with companies involved in the lean manufacturing process to streamline their inventory and bill of materials to get the information they need and still meet their inventory needs.

We have implemented an accounting system to track back orders by due date so production can plan ahead.

We worked with a client that had a software product for four years they were not able to implement. We organized the information necessary to implement the system and after four months they finally have it running.

We have linked many CRM products including Act! and Zoho CRM to accounting software products to better service customer needs, plan sales campaigns, and track customer buying habits.