Payroll Services

Are you spending too much time and money handling payroll?

Do you use a payroll service that charges you extra for everything including printing W-2’s and adding an employee?

At F5 Accounting, we know the importance of reliable support, government compliance and the need for ease of use for payroll processing. As your Trusted Business Advisor, we have the knowledge and technology to insure that you are meeting your compliance requirements and make sure you have the money in the bank when your payroll checks are cashed. We work with you to save you time and money with your payroll processing.

We have also associated with Gusto the leading online payroll service.

Let’s start with pricing so you can decide after reading the rest below why it is the leading payroll service for you.

Gusto Monthly Service Fees*
Monthly Fee: $39.00
Monthly fee per employee: $6.00

Example of an business with 5 employees: $69.00 per month ($39.00 + ($6.00 x 5))

*Gusto’s all-inclusive pricing is simple and transparent. Everything’s included: W-2s, 1099s, time off tracking, off-cycle payrolls, unlimited support and more. No setup fees, contracts or fine print.

Why team up with F5 Accounting and Gusto for your payroll services?

  • We give you total control over your payroll through an intuitive, mobile-friendly online interface. – It’s packed with helpful tips too.
  • Your new employees can enter all of their info online, plus they can download their paystubs and W-2s, even after they leave. – You save a lot of time
  • All of your local, state and federal taxes are filed automatically. You won’t have to file another form again. – You save a lot of time.
  • Gusto lets you add personal thank you notes to employee pay stubs, and sends you reminders for birthdays and anniversaries. – Show you care about your employees and they remain happy as well as working for you.

Still unsure?
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Read what others are saying about Gusto Payroll Services

Nicole dreaded the end of the month. Using a local payroll provider, she found the experience clunky and time consuming; it took her one and a half hours every month to input labor codes and work through technical glitches

“I was sure there must be a better way to do this!” Nicole says. “I did some research and was impressed by the reviews I read for Gusto. Switching was seamless and the onboarding process had the easiest step-by-step instructions I have ever followed. With Gusto it takes me less than 5 minutes.”
— Nicole Chan owner of Nicole Chan Photography, Boston Ma.

“What makes Gusto so easy to use? Employers can set up the process in minutes, and the web-based software automates employee payments, tax calculations, and direct deposit.”
– Fortune Magazine, 2015

“Gusto hits the payroll service sweet spot in every way. It’s affordable and simple to use, and its stylish, skillful, friendly design takes some of the edge off of a complex process. It’s our Editors’ Choice.”
– PC Magazine, 2015